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Genius Seamstress Transforms Thrift Store Finds Into Gorgeous Outfits


Thrift store shopping is definitely an art that few can master. It involves digging through a sea of clothes, all while keeping an eye out for a hidden gem that will stand out in our ensemble or be a staple to wear over and over.

But master fashionista Jillian Owens takes it a step further.

Rather than purchase her secondhand threads based on what they look like in the store, she picks them out based on the amazing garment that they could be.

Just like our favorite DIY-ers that see past an individual item and instead think about how it can be transformed, she takes clothing items and, through cutting, ruching, belting, and embellishing, makes them into super stylish outfits.

On her blog ReFashionista, she shows her many fans and viewers how to take something humble and using your own creative eye to make it marvelous.

Have you ever transformed a thrift store find? Let us know in the comments below!

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