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East Providence RI Savers Value Village

1925 Pawtucket Ave East Providence, RI 02914

(401) 438-1955

East Providence, Rhode Island's Savers Value Village, located on Taunton Avenue, goes beyond being a thrift store; it actively supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island. Beyond offering a diverse array of affordable and unique items, this Savers location plays a crucial role in contributing to the mission of fostering mentorship opportunities for local youth with each shopper's purchase. Residents of East Providence not only have the opportunity to explore budget-friendly treasures but also become integral contributors to supporting positive relationships and the growth of young individuals through their patronage. This collaboration exemplifies the positive impact that retail partnerships can have, fostering community support and advocacy for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island, making a meaningful difference in the lives of youth in East Providence and the surrounding areas.


9:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 7:00

East Providence RI Savers Value Village

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