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Why Thrift Stores Are Going To Boom In 2023 

It is no secret that thrift stores have been the destination for anyone who re-sells online or simply wants to buy awesome items at a budget-friendly price. However, since the pandemic, searching through stores and purchasing pre-used items was something that declined in popularity.

Now that the pandemic has passed, people have been itching to leave their homes and find some fun things to do. Also, with the recent inflation in prices, finding cheaper alternatives to items has been easier with the help of thrift stores.

But the surge of customers for thrift stores shortly isn’t based on these reasons alone. If we step back and look at the big picture, the biggest source of traffic for thrift stores always has been and will continue to be resellers.

The reselling community is much bigger than some may realize, on eBay alone, there are nearly 19 million seller accounts. Despite being one of the most well-known platforms, eBay isn’t the only site used by resellers. Sites such as Amazon, Mercari, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace are other popular platforms that are utilized by resellers.

But regardless of which site a reseller will use, some of the very best places to find products would be at thrift stores or garage sales. A reseller’s journey often begins by selling old items in their own home that they no longer need. However, you can only sell so much of what you already own. This is where a committed reseller will branch out to local thrift stores, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, in search of products that can make them a reasonable profit.

Thrift shopping and reselling have fluctuated in popularity throughout the last ten years but have always been considered a good way to make some extra cash if you are going through a difficult time financially. Despite the claims, reselling products online isn’t likely to make you a millionaire, but it has become a suitable part-time or full-time income for many individuals.

This is one of the reasons we believe thrift stores are going to boom in 2023 because people are going to find themselves in need of quick and easy ways to make money within the following year. The recent inflation has put many people in a pinch, as they find many of their household necessities are costing much more than usual.

Rather than getting another job that will take up their time away from home, many people will once again turn to finding items at thrift stores and selling them online to make a few extra bucks.

Rising costs aren’t the only factor behind the upcoming thrift store boom. It has been common knowledge that since Covid, many people have quit their desk jobs in pursuit of following their dreams and passions. To make ends meet while they are searching for their dream job or starting their own business – they may choose to take up reselling to help with some of the bills or fund their ventures.

It should be noted that while reselling products from thrift stores is a great way to make some extra money, it is most definitely not a passive source of income. From searching for the perfect item to taking quality pictures and listing the item – you may have several hours invested in the sale of a single item.

However, there are ways to save time and money as a reseller, and their several communities dedicated to helping online resellers throughout their journeys.

If you are hoping to visit a local thrift store in your area, our thrift store locator will help you discover the closest location to you! However, you may be searching for a specific thrift store – such as a Goodwill Outlet Store! Outlet stores are an excellent way to find inexpensive items for everyday use or find great products for online resellers. Check out this great Goodwill Outlet Locator to find a location near you!

What Items Should I Be Searching For At Thrift Stores? 

The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is certainly true for anyone who has been involved in the reseller community. You may find that your local thrift store is overflowing with all kinds of fun and unique items. A beginning reseller often finds worth in everything that they lay their eyes on and will try selling all kinds of things before they will find what works for them.

However, there are several things that we have personally found to sell well in the past, and there are many things that people have expressed that do well currently. With this information, we would like to provide you with a lengthy list of what items you should be looking for at your local thrift store in 2023:

How Much Is a Furby Worth on eBay?

Some of the most unexpected things can sometimes pay a whole lot of money when you resell them online. One of these bizarre items would be old Furbies. These toys were most popular in the ‘90s, which means your old toys could be worth a lot of money.

When you are searching for items at a thrift store, keep a look out for Furbies that look like they are from the ‘90s. Furbies are still being made and sold today, so make sure that if you find one, it isn’t too new – since the newer ones are worth as much.

Also, limited edition Furbies (which seem to sell reasonably regardless of how old/new they are) are also worth a good amount of money on eBay. Limited edition Furby dolls have sold for hundreds of dollars online, and typically sell the best because of how unique they are.

Since Furbies were such a popular toy in the ‘90s, there is no guarantee that one you find is going to give a big pay-out. For instance, we sold a Furby that we had found for only eighty-nine cents, and sold for $40 with shipping.

What Are Legos Worth On eBay?

Mini legos have been popular for quite some time now, and depending on what you had, you could make a decent profit from selling legos on eBay. In the last five to ten years, legos have gone from a simple childhood toy to a major hobby for both kids and adults.

When purchasing lego sets, they can be very expensive when sold new at the store. So some people may turn to sites such as eBay for cheaper alternatives.

Also, anyone who likes to create their designs with mini legos may buy many different parts or lots of the same color for their projects. It is for this reason that you should be on the lookout for legos at your local thrift store.

However, the chances of finding lego sets that aren’t missing pieces at a thrift store aren’t too great. But thankfully with legos, you can separate each piece by color or similar type and sell as a lot on eBay or Amazon.

Lego pieces themselves are the only way you can make money, but the lego figurines that come with sets are also very valuable. Depending on what kind of figures and body pieces you have, you may be able to sell each piece for between $5-$30.

More expensive figures are typically rare or collectible pieces. However, figures that are made of popular characters – such as superheroes or Harry Potter characters – can also be sold for more than your average policeman.

Lego accessories, such as storage cases, set instructions, and building platforms, can also sell well online. The community of lego lovers is much bigger than you realize and is no longer limited to just young children. So if you find miniature legos or lego accessories at your local thrift store, you should look into re-selling them on eBay or Amazon. 

Best Selling Sports Team Merchandise on eBay

Any kind of sports team merch typical will do decent selling online. However, something, in particular, to look out for when shopping around your local thrift store would be sports team jerseys.

Whether it be football teams, baseball teams, basketball, hockey, etc, any merch or jerseys for major professional sports teams (on occasion college teams as well) are sure to do well, especially right around the time that sport’s season is about to begin. 

Make sure when you are posting items online, that you are posting them during the right time of the year. If football has just ended, it may not be the most optimal time to post a bunch of football jersey merch. Instead, you could simply try and hold it until it gets closer to that season again.

What can be hard about finding sports team jerseys at thrift stores, is finding ones that are still in decent condition. Many jerseys will have lettering and numbers peeling off the shirt, or gone completely. Peeling, as well as tearing, wear, and stains are all things to look out for on sports merch – or clothing in general.

Some of the very best sports team jerseys to keep a look out for at thrift stores would be Forty-Niners, Chiefs, Patriots, and Green Bay Packers NFL team jerseys. These are all known to sell extremely well online, as long as they are still in decent condition to be sold. Also, jerseys for specific famous sports players (such as Michael Jordon or Tom Brady) always sell very well because of the large fan base around that player.

Sell Old Digital Cameras for Profit on eBay

Old digital cameras and Polaroid cameras have been popular for years online, and are still selling very well on eBay. Some people simply love to collect older cameras like this, or others have a passion for photography and still like to take professional pictures with digital cameras instead of their phones.

We once sold a Canon AE-1 Program Camera that we had found at a thrift store, for $80 with free shipping. This is only one of a couple of different cameras that we got the chance to sell online.

You could also be on the lookout for old cameras and sell for parts as well. Since many older cameras no longer are being sold anymore, people will purchase replacement parts on sites such as eBay or Amazon. Cartridges, bags, and other accessories may also sell decent if you can find them.

If you happen to find a Polaroid camera, make sure that it is an older version – since the newer models don’t seem to sell for quite as much. However, film for Polaroid cameras can be very expensive and sell very well, regardless of how old the camera itself is.

Electronics Parts For Sale On eBay

Thrift stores are one of the very best places to find all kinds of old electronics. However, not all the electronics that you find are going to be worth the shipping and other costs that come with reselling. But often you will find that an electronic device can be sold for parts or “not working.” 

People who repair electronics will often check out eBay to find specific parts for their electronic items, so if you happen to find something that sells well – make sure that you check how much they are worth on eBay or Amazon!

Some of the electronic parts that we have personally found at thrift stores and have done well for us include remote controls, cordless phone handsets, and docking stations. How well your parts sell will also depend on what brand your electronic is. We have found brands such as Apple, Sony, and vintage brands to sell the very best.

How Much Is Oneida Silverware Worth On eBay?

While many different kinds of silverware have been known to sell well on eBay, (especially anything vintage or antique) Oneida silverware has personally done the very best for us in the past.

Silverware sets that are fully silver or silver plated are worth the most, especially if they are from other countries or are very old. The more pieces to the set that you have, the better the worth of your silverware.

When you visit your local thrift store, make sure you check out silverware and spoons for anything that could be silver or Oneida brand.

How Much Are Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls Worth?

Vintage dishes are always a great seller online, and can often be found at thrift stores when people donate their old possessions. Pyrex is a brand in particular that sells very well on eBay and is something that people find desirable.

However, vintage Pyrex dishes sell the very best, so the age of the dish is very important to know before you decide to sell it.

The value of your Pyrex dish is not only determined by age, but also by what style and pattern the dish is. Casserole dishes or mixing bowls are the most popular, and some of the best-selling designs you will see selling are turquoise diamond patterns, snowflake patterns, and blue stripes. 

If you are interested in visiting a local thrift store in your area, make sure you check out our thrift store locator! Our directory will help guide you to a local thrift store location that is best for you!

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