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11 Tips For Thrifting


Recently I’ve had a few comments left here asking for thrifting advice and so instead of replying directly and being all slapdash about the matter, I decided I’d think about it properly and make a list. I’m sure a lot of you guys are already more than adept at thrifting but I hope you’ll find at least one thing here that’ll be helpful to you in the future. I’ve also thrown in a few pictures of some of my more recent thrift finds to keep things interesting.

1. Go Often

I like to go thrifting as often as I can. Sure, I’ll frequently come back empty handed and the whole thing will seem like a wasted trip, but other times I’ll come back grinning from ear to ear with things spilling out over my arms. It’s important not to let yourself get disheartened when you don’t find anything and to just keep going back. This is probably the most important thing to remember with thrifting.

2. Get out of Town

Don’t just haunt your local charity shops, go further afield and explore places you haven’t been to before. Going to new thrift shops keeps things interesting, and you might stumble upon a hidden gem. So far I’ve found that the best charity shops are to be found in those smallish villages that only have a handful of shops, most of which are independent or charity shops. Usually these places will harbour a lot of good vintage pieces (let’s not go into the reason why!) and you can also get a good pub lunch before you go home.

3. Dig

With thrift shopping you have to be willing to get on your knees and dig. I once found a beautiful black leather satchel hidden at the bottom of a basket underneath a load of ugly nylon briefcases, and that faux Chanel bag I found? Well I wouldn’t have discovered it if I hadn’t turned around a few unassuming looking bags.

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